Ukraine and EU reach agreement on mutual recognition of COVID passports

Ukraine and the European Union have reached a political agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccination passports. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal wrote about this on Facebook.

“Recently, the EU announced the introduction of digital certificates by the end of June, which will contain data on vaccinations, tests for COVID-19 and acquired immunity after illness. At the beginning of the development of this initiative, he instructed the ministers, together with the European Commission, to develop an appropriate certificate in Ukraine, ”Shmyhal wrote.

According to him, this week, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishina in Brussels reached a political agreement with EU representatives on the possibility of mutual recognition of digital certificates.

  A meeting was held between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan and Ukraine

“Ukrainians should be able to freely move around the European Union, so I look forward to the effective work of ministers in this matter,” the Ukrainian prime minister said.

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