In China, a new streak of Covid-19 infection in the last two months

China, referring to the largest new crop of new vipads caught on Covid-19 for the last two months, in the city of Ruili on the cordon of M’yangmoy on the first visit of the Yunnan province, according to Reuters.

Mistseve of self-righteousness Ruila transferred the residents of the Miskiy district to home quarantine, dispensed the mass of testing and fenced off people who had been asked and taken away in the city since last year because of the news about the 19 patients.

All 15 new mussel vipads fell on the place, about which appeared on 4 April. The number of new infections, including imported infections, which resemble the cordon, became 32, which is the best indicator for 31 today.

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According to the news of the powers of the World War I, the genetic analysis of the viruses that appeared in the Ruili, the transmission, and the new virus infections that were imported from the Myanmi. Three new children, about whom they saw at the place, 11 of them were identified as the community of M’yanmi.

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