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An awkward move by a flight attendant nearly caused a Boeing crash with a full cabin of passengers

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has recommended that airlines check cockpit seats for loose switch covers. The reason for the inspection was an incident that almost caused the crash of an airliner flying from Sydney to Auckland with a full cabin of passengers, reports The Guardian.

According to the source, the accident occurred not because of a technical fault in the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, but because the stewardess, while serving food, accidentally pressed a switch in the pilot’s seat, which did not have a special cover. After that, the nose of the airplane lowered, which almost caused it to crash.

As a result of the flight attendant’s awkward movement, dozens of passengers on the flight were injured. They were scattered around the cabin.

The pilot eventually regained control and landed the plane safely.

Boeing said a full investigation into the incident is underway.

“We have confidence in the investigating authorities. We took the precaution of reminding 787 operators of the service bulletin issued in 2017, which included instructions for inspecting and maintaining the switches on the cockpit seats. We recommend that operators perform the inspection during maintenance,” the corporation said.

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