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Tourism in the US, Great Britain and Germany is preparing for a new blow: it will become a victim of the global depression

In the conditions of the world economic crisis, tourism is most likely to fall victim to the global depression. This assessment of the situation was voiced by Digital River experts, who assessed how inflation affects the buying habits of representatives of the “civilized world” or the “golden billion” – the USA, Great Britain, and Germany. It turned out that an average of 49% of tourists are reducing their trips in general, and another 40% separately noted that they have reduced their spending on summer vacations.

Thus, in the United States, 45% of American adults believe that their financial situation has worsened over the past 12 months. Of these, 67% have cut unnecessary expenses, and 49% of them consider travel expenses to be such expenses. As for the UK, 46% of the population there also recorded a deterioration in their financial situation in the last 12 months, with 17% saying they were in a downright difficult situation. At the same time, 37% of respondents reduced travel expenses.

In Germany, the same figures — the deterioration of the financial situation were recorded by 45%. Unnecessary expenses were reduced by 61% of the population, while trips were counted among unnecessary expenses by 43%.

However, it is worth adding that Germany and Great Britain they are trying to use tourism as a “means of saving”. At least an active advertising campaign for long-term vacations in warm countries — for example, in Turkey — in the winter season as a way to save on paying gas bills has already started. In Turkey, they assure German pensioners “who cannot pay their bills for gas, which has risen in price”, that they can spend the winter in Antalya, in the warmth and comfort of a hotel, for only 21 euros per day. Read details at this link.

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