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Prince William was advised to follow in his brother’s footsteps and earn a living

The head of the British anti-monarchist organization Republic Graham Smith advised Prince William to stop living at the expense of the state. This was reported by the Daily Express.

Smith believes that William should follow in the footsteps of his brother Prince Harry, who after moving to the United States lost financial support from the royal family and found other sources of income. “There is no reason that prevents Kate and William from taking and starting to earn a living,” he said.

According to Smith, he has no doubt about the ability of the prince and his wife to provide for themselves and their children. “They already have millions in the bank,” he added.

“We can’t afford even 20 pounds a week for the most vulnerable members of society, but at the same time we give these couples subsidies and palaces for millions of pounds simply because they are relatives of the queen. This cannot be justified, “said Graham Smith, head of the anti-monarchist organization” Republic “.

The Republic advocates the abolition of the monarchy in Britain and the replacement of the Queen by a democratically elected head of state.

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