British logistics instructor training for the Ukrainian military

The logistics of troops are often not given the necessary attention, but every great leader is aware of its importance, regardless of the scale of the tasks.

Our Ukrainian partners are aware of this, so in response to their request, the ORBITAL mission, in cooperation with instructors from the Third Regiment of the Logistics Corps of the United Kingdom Army, is conducting a course on rear ground support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of the course is to increase the efficiency of military logistics.

Students of the course, which takes place at the Military Academy (Odessa), participate in classes on logistical support of troops of all levels, equipment capabilities, resource management, planning, compatibility with NATO standards.

  Britain is concerned about the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border

This is another example of the wide variety of training courses that ORBITAL organizes in support of our Ukrainian partners on their path to NATO membership.

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