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Amazon has opened its first non-food store outside the United States

Магазин називається Amazon 4-зірковий, тому що кожен товар в ньому отримав рейтинг від покупців в Інтернеті щонайменше чотири зірки з п'яти.

Amazon opened its first non-food store in the UK on Wednesday. This was reported by the British television and radio corporation BBC.

The store is located in the Bluewater Mall near Dartford, Kent and is called the 4-star Amazon because each product in it has received a rating from online shoppers of at least four out of five stars. According to the BBC, this is the first outlet of this type that the company has opened outside the United States. The store will sell about two thousand popular products, including books, consumer electronics, toys and household goods.

“I’ve been working on this (opening the store) for the last two years, so of course we want to attract customers and see what they think,” said store director Andy Jones. He said the company began planning to open a store before the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones added that the product range will change regularly, and Amazon employees intend to listen to customer feedback.

The store will use electronic price tags to ensure that the prices in it match those listed on the Amazon website. Buyers do not need to have an Amazon account to verify them. In addition, people will be able to pick up goods ordered online in the store and return the goods without packaging and labels. Jones has not confirmed whether the company plans to open new similar outlets in the UK.

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