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The UAE has introduced new requirements for tourists

The United Arab Emirates has issued a new directive requiring passengers traveling by air to have their first and last names on their passports. This applies to both those entering and leaving the country.

It is noted that travelers who have only a name on their passports will be denied entry to the Emirates. The new rules do not apply to people holding work and residence visas issued in the UAE.

The rules apply to tourist and visitor visas, as well as visas issued on arrival. Passengers with only their first name on their passports will not be allowed to fly.

As previously reported, travelers arriving in the United Arab Emirates no longer need to present a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test to board a flight.

At the same time, passengers traveling with a stopover in Dubai must follow the requirements of their final destinations. A similar statement – on the removal of all quarantine restrictions – was made by the tourism authorities of Abu Dhabi.

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