Emirates has started testing digital passports

Emirates has launched the IATA Travel Pass mobile application developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in a test mode. The application will help passengers to easily and safely organize their travels in accordance with state requirements for PCR testing or vaccination against COVID-19 in any country.

On April 15, 2021, passengers of flight EK 185 from Dubai to Barcelona became the first to use the services of a “digital passport”, which allows to verify the results of the PCR test on COVID-19 and provide this information to Emirates before the flight.

Start testing IATA Travel Pass is another step towards making travel more convenient by providing passengers with a confidential and easy-to-use tool for managing all electronic documents related to COVID-19 throughout the journey. In the future, the application will also allow passengers to pass vaccination certificates to the authorities and airlines, facilitating the travel process.

Currently, the IATA Travel Pass is used on separate Emirates flights from Dubai to Barcelona and London Heathrow Airport in Dubai. Soon this offer will be available in other areas. Passengers of flights operated by IATA Travel Pass are invited to download the application and issue a “digital passport” before traveling.

In Dubai, Emirates works with several Prime Health Care laboratories, which are authorized to send test results and vaccination certificates through the application. Passengers from the UK can take tests in Screen4 laboratories.

The IATA Travel Pass application will contain complete information on the restrictions associated with COVID-19. Yes, passengers will be able to receive accurate information about the requirements of states to enter the country in all directions, regardless of the route of travel. The appendix will also include a register of laboratories around the world that meet country-specific testing and vaccination standards in which passengers can take the PCR test.

The Global Registry, led by IATA, will provide a secure flow of information between all participants in the process, making travel more convenient.

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