Which hotels in Turkey are adapted for safe tourism?

More than 10 thousand objects in Turkey have received the Safe Tourism Certificate.

Thanks to the measures taken during the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey has become a model country in the tourism sector.

The initiative to introduce a certification system for tourist facilities in the first months of the pandemic was initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, which made it possible to minimize damage and increase confidence in rest in the country.

Hotels, restaurants and transportation in Turkey operate in accordance with the criteria set by the Safe Tourism Certification Program.

When choosing a place for recreation, tourists pay attention to two main criteria – “trust” and “hygiene”, which formed the basis of the Safe Tourism certification program.

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Since June 2020, the Safe Tourism Certificate has been issued to 5,216 Turkish hotels, 2,871 of them received a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and 2,345 from municipalities.

A total of 10,457 tourism sites in Turkey have been certified “Safe Tourism”, including 2,035 restaurants and cafes, 2,836 vehicles, 21 cultural centers and a congress hall, 10 theme parks.

At the same time, certificates of 86 objects were canceled due to non-compliance with the program criteria.

  World Tourism Forum kicks off in Bodrum, Turkey

Properties that do not meet the criteria for the Safe Tourism certification program are given three days to remedy the situation. After the expiration of the allotted period, the certificate is canceled.

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