The inhabitants of the Earth were able to see events that rarely happen on the same day

Residents of Turkey on the eve saw an eclipse of the supermoon – a total eclipse of the moon at the moment when it is closest to the Earth.

A relatively rare natural phenomenon, the Supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs several times a year. It means the coincidence of two events.

First, the Moon is located at one of the points closest to our planet, that is, at perigee. Secondly, the Moon at this moment for the terrestrial observer is in a full moon state.

At the same time, more than one astronomical event related to the Moon occurred the day before: perigee, full moon and total eclipse of the moon – such a supermoon is called red.

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During a super moon, it seems that the moon looks several times larger, but in fact it increases by no more than 5 percent.

Residents of different regions of Turkey could also observe the rare phenomenon.

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