Universal Studios Hollywood will open on April 16

The California Amusement Park, which was closed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said it plans to welcome guests again on April 16, as well as conduct a preview for season ticket holders on April 15. Tickets are on sale, will arrive at the box office on April 8, but there is one catch: you must be a California resident to come.

“Universal Studios Hollywood continues to work in partnership with health officials and the government to implement new health and safety procedures,” the company said, citing California guidelines for its decision to restrict entry for residents. Capacity is also limited to provide physical distancing, and temperature checks and face masks are required.

Californians who want to follow these rules will be among the first to experience the Jurassic World attraction from Universal Studios in Hollywood, which features a realistic 22-foot-tall Indominus Rex dinosaur that can blink and bend its arms. The Los Angeles Times describes Indominus Rex as “a fictional hybrid dinosaur that combines features of different species.”

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The first visitors of Universal Studios in Hollywood will also be among the first to experience the animated attraction based on the “Secret Life of Pets”. The attraction combines projection and animation to introduce viewers to the illuminated versions of their favorite movie characters.

Californians can buy tickets at Universal Studios Hollywood online from April 8. Season ticket holders can book early access to the park and other bonus days online starting April 5.

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California allows amusement parks to open with limited capacity as early as April 1, although many set later opening dates to give themselves more time to prepare.

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