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Turks now prefer to rest not in Antalya, but in Greece and Egypt

Not only European tourists are “pushed away” by Turkish hotels with inflated prices. The Turks themselves now prefer to rest not in Antalya, but in Greece and Egypt. This information is reported by Turizmguncel: Turkish tourists’ spending on domestic vacations has decreased, and the demand for outbound vacations has increased by 99%. And the main reason is the prices.
The demand for Egypt is particularly high – because the prices for tours to Egypt are on the same level as the prices for the domestic, for the Turkish tourist, Antalya.
“Hotel prices, which have increased due to inflation and the exchange rate, have affected the preferences of domestic tourists. Domestic tourists’ spending on vacations has decreased, and their preference for international travel has increased by 99 percent. One of the reasons was the fact that in Turkey you can buy tours with a flight to Egypt or Greece for five days for the price of five days in a hotel in Antalya. As a result, the demand for hotels in Egypt and Greece increased by 30 percent due to domestic tourists planning summer holidays,” local experts said.
Prontotour representative Ali Onaran added that Egypt saw a 50% increase in demand during the high season of Turkish holidays.
First, the country has solved the visa problem for Turkish tourists. Secondly… “Tourists can go on a full-fledged tour with accommodation at the Rixos hotel in Egypt, including air travel, and it will cost them the same money as Rixos in Antalya”, – said the Turkish tour operator.

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