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Turks are massively buying up one type of tourist transport in anticipation of a terrible earthquake

After the earthquakes in February, Turkey became restless. The fear of being unprepared for a terrible mega-earthquake, which seismologists predict for Istanbul and resort areas, prompted residents to massively buy a popular form of tourist transport. We are talking about motorhomes and RVs. Previously, there was much excitement around them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, according to Turkiyeturizm, the owners of Shantigo, a company specializing in the production of these types of transport, reported that they were overwhelmed with requests from many Turkish provinces. People are afraid of repeating a terrible disaster and are afraid of being helpless before a powerful element. And now, after the earthquake in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, when there was a migration movement from 11 provinces to other regions, Turks do not stop feeling fear.

Recently, “Shantigo Caravan Days” were held at Citroen Arkas Gaziemir. Locals showed great interest in this event. Hundreds of people from Izmir and the Aegean regions visited it to buy a mobile home for themselves and their families.

Here are the comments of residents previously reported by ATV Haber: “Everyone is preparing to live actually on the street, outside of apartments, right now,” “There are those who are afraid of an earthquake in Istanbul and are constantly looking for a trailer or a mobile home,” “I think the demand for of car dealerships grew by 25-30 percent.” And indeed, the company that manufactures and sells trailers does not have time to process orders, especially, they say, motorhomes were of interest to those whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake. They worry about their safety, want to be away from non-seismic buildings, and think that living in a trailer will be safer.

But along with the increase in demand, prices also increased. It became known that the price of the van, the price of which in January was 200,000 hryvnias. sharply increased in price to 450,000. Currently, prices for this type of transport range from 500,000 to 4 million UAH. There is a demand for both new and used versions.

In addition, sales of tourist equipment, tents, and other camping goods have increased sharply in Turkey.

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