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Turkey has updated the rules for tourists in 2021

Due to the pandemic, tourists must comply with certain requirements when entering Turkey.

It will be recalled that travel companies recently announced the start date of the summer season and the start of flight programs to Turkey.

In this article we will talk about all the rules of entry into Turkey in 2021.

The situation with coronaviruses in Turkey in March

The Ministry of Health of Turkey reports that a large number of new cases of infection with new strains of COVID-19 are recorded in the country. The statement refers to the British strain.

Turkey has updated the rules for tourists in 2021

In Turkey, the prevalence of mutant variants of coronavirus has increased, but they are relatively mild. At present, new cases of infection with this species is about 41 thousand people.

From March 1, the country began to gradually remove the restrictions, but this does not apply to almost all resort towns, as they remain a high degree of danger.

Antalya may receive the status of a “red zone”, as the incidence rate there has risen sharply. Despite this, the authorities expect that the situation at the beginning of the season will stabilize.

This situation may have a negative impact on early bookings, but tour operators have already prepared new programs and opened the reservation for the spring-summer of 2021.

Electronic questionnaire for tourists

To enter the country you will now need to fill out an electronic application form.

Passengers must now meet the following conditions:

72 hours before departure to Turkey, tourists must fill out a form on the site at this link. https://register.health.gov.tr/

Then the form in the completed form must be printed out, or saved in electronic form on any device to present at the airport.

Turkey has updated the rules for tourists in 2021

Turkey plans to cancel tests for COVID-19 for tourists

Tour operators report that for the successful launch of the tourist season, it is necessary to note the mandatory availability of tests when entering Turkey. For high demand in Turkey, the requirement for tests is a deterrent.

PCR testing for holidays abroad significantly increases the cost of recreation. Many tourists, in principle, have a negative attitude to taking the test, consider it an unnecessary procedure, or are afraid of losing money for the tour in case of a positive result.

Tour operators are asking to cancel testing on April 15. Previously, the date of cancellation of tests was called May 26. Express tests are not cheap, and when planning a family vacation you get a significant amount.

The final decision on the abolition of tests for Turkey has not yet been made. But travel companies expect that the Ministry of Health will listen to their opinion, and the tests will be canceled as soon as possible.

Restrictions for tourists in Turkey in 2021

At the moment, Turkey is one of the most popular countries for recreation, as it has a fairly loyal requirements for tourists and does not impose new restrictions.

Turkey has updated the rules for tourists in 2021The second wave of coronavirus in Turkey was in mid-December. Now the situation in the country is stable.

In March, curfew was imposed only on weekends, but it does not apply to foreigners. However, leaving at this time (from 21:00 to 05:00) it is better to take documents with you.

In general, the situation is quite conducive to rest. All citizens must adhere to the mask regime in public places. If a tourist does not follow the rule – a fine of 900 lira, but fined very rarely and only those who refuse to wear a mask.

After 22:00 there are no entertainment events, this applies to both individual establishments and hotels.

Also, despite the quarantine requirements, tours for tourists are still held in Turkey. Only small excursion groups are allowed.

Requirements for entry into Turkey in March 2021

When traveling to Turkey, all tourists must meet the following requirements:

  • When boarding the flight, show a certificate of absence of COVID-19 (PCR test) in English.
  • Fill in the questionnaire about the state of health, as well as with personal data when boarding or on the plane. Earlier, they told how to fill out questionnaires for Turkey.
  • Have medical travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

You cannot enter the country without following these rules. In the absence of a test or insurance, the tourist will not be allowed on the flight. When boarding, passengers are given an individual set with a mask and antiseptic.

Requirements for coronavirus test in Turkey

One of the conditions for visiting Turkey in March 2021 is the presence of a negative code test. Previously, the tests wanted to cancel, but the rule has been extended and the test is required. Every passenger must have a certificate, except for children under 6 years old.

The COVID-19 test is not required for transit passengers. But if the certificate is required for the country of destination or the passenger leaves the transit zone, the rule also applies. The test will also be needed if the passenger will take luggage from one flight to another.

Which test is needed for Turkey:

  • Only PCR research.
  • The certificate is valid no later than 72 hours before departure. In this case, you need to consider the day of sampling. The time of the study is indicated in the certificate.
  • Test results must be published in English. Many laboratories provide this service.
  • You can provide help in electronic form, but then you need to have a QR-code. The printed version of the certificate must bear the stamp of the laboratory.

What insurance is needed for Turkey

The package tour already includes travel insurance, but this option is not quite suitable. As a rule, travel agencies include in the vouchers the cheapest insurance options, which are completely useless.

Even if the tour has insurance, it is recommended to draw up a working policy.

Turkey has updated the rules for tourists in 2021

What to look for when choosing health insurance:

Choosing insurance based on reviews is not entirely correct. There are certain criteria by which you need to choose insurance.

Set of options and sum insured. In addition to the basic options that provide for the organization of medical care, other risks must be included in the policy.

For example, when traveling with children, make sure that children’s infections are included in the policy. When planning an active holiday, be sure to include the “Sports” option to receive compensation in case of injury.

Assistance. It is important to pay attention not only to the reliability of the insurer, but also to the service company – assistance, which will deal with the insured event abroad.

COVID-19 coating. Not all companies include coronavirus coverage in their insurance, or apply restrictions. Therefore, it is important to clarify whether this risk exists and it is registered in the policy.

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