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Traveling alone: the expert named three main rules

Traveling alone is not an experience for the faint of heart. But with the right approach, you may never go back to the idea of traveling with friends again. An experienced guide told us how to stop being afraid of traveling alone.

Deciding on the direction

More than 80 percent of the success and safety of your solo trip depends on where you plan to go. Of course, you don’t want to pay attention to some of the features of specific countries, but if you decide to travel without company, this point is worth taking into account.

Some countries will require you to make some adjustments when selecting clothing. If you still feel unsure without the support of friends, it is worth considering travel destinations where you can be understood without problems with at least a basic level of English. When you gain psychological comfort, you can consider new, less touristy places.

Planning the route

Spontaneity is a good quality, but when traveling alone you can only rely on yourself and there may be no one to suggest some points. No matter how desperate a person you consider yourself, it’s still worth planning your route, at least in general terms. When you find yourself at the hotel, take business cards, which are always available at the reception, and also do not refuse paper maps of the area. Don’t rely on your smartphone alone.

Guides advise you to choose at least several points in the place where you plan to spend your vacation and start studying them, depending on the situation, you can find something interesting in the same area, and you don’t have to waste time deciding on the spot with sights. Forewarned is forearmed.

Safety first

Of course, when going on holiday without company, make sure you don’t lose online contact with home. Tell your family or friends where you plan to stay and at least describe the route in general terms. It is not always possible to find a point with good Internet, but still try to inform your loved ones about any significant changes during your trip.

Did you meet a local who invited you on a city tour? Tell your friends about this. Want to deviate from the route? Reset the geolocation to your loved ones. And one more important point – do not tell strangers on the road that you are traveling alone, especially do not accept invitations to visit someone’s house or apartment. Let the person be offended, but you will not put yourself in danger.

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