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Tourists in Antalya warned of impending danger

The main meteorological office of Turkey has warned tourists in Antalya about the impending danger. Long-lasting thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind are expected in the central and western regions, while short-lived thunderstorms are expected in the east, Anadolu Agency reported.

Meteorologists believe that heavy rains will continue on Monday. Flooding and flash flooding, lightning strikes, and gale-force winds are possible, as well as large hail in places. Previously, such warnings turned out to be harbingers of even tornadoes, which is a rather rare phenomenon in the Mediterranean.

In this regard, traffic delays and schedule changes are expected. Tourists are asked to exercise caution and not go outside unless necessary during thunderstorms and downpours.

We would like to add that there is another problem with the holiday in Turkey: tourists may be left without beaches – read the details in the article at this link.

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