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Tourists have listed mistakes that can cause great trouble in Italy

Several popular holiday destinations around the world have introduced strict new rules to cope with the massive influx of travelers following the pandemic. One of the vivid examples was Italy. The Sun published a list of mistakes tourists can make that could lead to fines and trouble in this country.

In April, the initiative of the mayor of Portofino to fine people who linger in picturesque places to take a good photos made a lot of noise. Then, due to the Easter holidays, the number of tourists increased in the region by 12%, and 1.7 million people visited the resorts of Italy. In the most popular places of Portofino, “traffic jams of people” were formed, which the new law is aimed at combating.

Tourists who stand on the street for too long in an attempt to catch a good shot face a fine of 275 euros in Portofino. However, this is not the only region of Italy with strange laws and prohibitions.

Cinque Terre – no flip-flops and sandals. The law appeared in 2019 after local services had to rescue several groups of tourists who got stuck on the difficult hiking trails of the national park. Currently, a fine of up to 2,500 euros is charged for the lack of proper equipment, if the traveler needs help.

Rome – it is forbidden to sit on the steps of the Spanish Steps. For this, tourists must pay a fine of up to 250 euros. Local authorities explain the ban by the fact that tourists sitting on the stairs prevent others from walking on them. Periodically, police officers patrol the Spanish Steps and hand out fines to violators.

Venice – it is forbidden to build sand castles. The law applies to the beaches of Heraklia near Venice and any sand structures that local authorities deem to be unnecessary obstructions. Violation of the rule will result in a fine of 250 euros.

Sorrento – ban on appearing in a swimsuit in public. The law was introduced last summer at the initiative of the mayor, who called wearing swimsuits and being topless in public places “indecent behavior.” Violators are fined 500 euros

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