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Tourists have been warned about the deadly danger in the resorts of Turkey, which attracts women and children

There is one deadly danger lurking in the resorts of Turkey, which looks very attractive and attracts women and children to themselves. We are talking about bushes with delicate white or pink flowers, which for many decorate the territories of most hotels and literally “beckon” to take a photo in their bushes or pick a bouquet.

Oleander, which is the name of this beautiful plant, is very poisonous. This was reported, in particular, by local experts, urging tourists to be very, very careful.

“All parts of the plant – flowers, leaves, wood – contain milky white highly poisonous juice. This juice contains oleandrin, which is a toxic cardiac glycoside. Along with congestion, it is mainly responsible for the toxicity of oleander juice,” the experts explained. They added that oleander sap, when ingested, causes severe colic, vomiting, and diarrhea, and then leads to serious problems with the heart and central nervous system.

“Cardiac glycosides contained in it can cause cardiac arrest. Getting oleander juice in the eyes can cause blindness. Even the scent of flowers can cause a headache. Even one leaf of a flower is dangerous – it can cause severe poisoning and even lead to death,” experts note. A less fatal, but also extremely unpleasant consequence is an allergic reaction, which is also possible in those who pluck oleander flowers or break their branches. Experts also state that even dry branches of oleander cannot be burned – the smoke from it is so poisonous that even food on a bonfire made from oleander branches will become dangerous to health.

Therefore, be sure to tell your children about it and make sure that children do not touch these bushes and do not tear these beautiful, but dangerous flowers. If a child even accidentally eats oleander leaves or flowers, the next day no one will understand why he has a stomach ache and feels bad, but the consequences can be terrible,” experts add.

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