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Tourists could be paid €15,000 to move to a tranquil island in Italy with stunning beaches

The beautiful and peaceful island of Sardinia in Italy offers Ukrainians a great reward for moving to some of its cities to stimulate the local economy. The offer applies not only to our compatriots, but also to those willing to move to this island resort from other countries.

The fact is that some areas of Sardinia have a population of 3’000 or less, and the island has a plan to encourage people from all over the world, especially young people, to choose the wonderful Italian destination as a permanent residence.

Sardinia is offering the hryvnia equivalent of 570,000 hryvnias to anyone who decides to move to certain areas of the island, including very small and remote towns with only a few hundred local residents. But the authorities set a condition — the money tourists receive must be spent on buying a house or repairing real estate in the city.

“We created the conditions for young people to decide to stay and develop the economic structure of the most vulnerable areas. Thanks to investments in their first homes, this is strengthened and becomes a fertile ground for those who move there or decide to start a family. There can be no growth without a real improvement of the territories, the interior and the most disadvantaged areas, which must go through a new policy for their re-population,” Sardinian President Cristian Solinas was quoted as saying by The Sun.

Reference: Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, known for its turquoise water and white sand beaches. Some of the most stunning beaches of the largest island in the warm sea are Porto Junco, Spiaggia di Punta Molentis, Lou Porto Beach and Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi.

Tourists could be paid €15,000 to move to a tranquil island in Italy with stunning beaches
Porto Junco

One of the travelers who visited Porto Junco described it on the Tripadvisor platform as follows: “Stunning beach, the water is crystal clear and the sand is a little shiny. It’s quite crowded here on weekends, but only on the sand, not in the water.” Another noted that the local beach is absolutely stunning. You can swim with a mask and snorkel and watch the fish.

However, tourists should be aware that most beaches in Sardinia have entry or parking fees. Vacationers who want to visit the beach in the area of ​​Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi must pay a parking fee of 10 euros (about 380 hryvnias). In Punta Molentis, the entrance fee for parking a car is 6 euros (about 230 hryvnias) and one more euro (about 40 hryvnias) for each tourist.

Tourists could be paid €15,000 to move to a tranquil island in Italy with stunning beaches

The island has not only stunningly beautiful beaches, but also beautiful cities such as Alghero, San Pantaleo or Villasimius. According to many travelers, Sardinia is a must-visit destination, but not during the peak season, which includes not only the summer months, but also September.

Tourists could be paid €15,000 to move to a tranquil island in Italy with stunning beaches
San Pantaleo

However, Italy is not the only country looking for people to move to its islands. Earlier this year, Scotland announced its plan to encourage tourists to move to the beautiful Scottish islands. To make the offer look more convincing, the authorities offered families and young people a reward of about 2.25 million hryvnias for the purchase of a house. The goal of the Scottish Government’s program is to reduce the population of the Orkney Islands and the idyllic and remote Isle of Skye.

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