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The pilot saved the passenger from the fear of flying with a note

A British Airways flight was a passenger who was afraid of flying. However, after she received a note from the pilot of the flight, her fear disappeared and the girl was able to fly safely to Rio de Janeiro, reports the New York Post.

According to a resident of Italy, Julia Buckley, she was terribly afraid of flying, but the pilot, trying to calm her down, handed over a note. A diagram of the aircraft was drawn on paper, with the help of which the aircraft commander was able to convince the nervous passenger that the flight was completely safe.

“Yesterday I got on a plane, trembling with fear, came out of it serene and with an aerodynamics diagram drawn by pilot Del, who alone cured 80 percent of my aerophobia,” a passenger wrote about her experience on Twitter.

The girl also explained what work the pilot had done to allay her fears.

“I was invited to the cockpit. Captain Del showed me that, scientifically, we can’t just fall out of the sky: the drawing was a cross-section of the aircraft, showing where the lift comes from to keep the aircraft in the air. In addition, it turned out that the plane can glide for three hours without engines at all. It helped me a lot. The crew is world-class,” she said.

In the comments, they admired the professionalism and indifference of the pilot. Also, users began to share their stories about how scared they were in the sky and how the crew helped them cope with fear.

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