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The most popular applications among tourists have been named

Apptopia.com, a service for analyzing mobile applications, has compiled a global rating of the most downloaded travel software for smartphones in 2021.

The most downloaded travel app in 2021 was Google Maps. Millions of tourists use it to find shops and restaurants, as a navigator while driving, walking. It has been downloaded 106 million times. Uber is in second place with 94 million downloads, while Booking.com is in third with 63 million downloads. The rating is based on data from Apptopia, a service for analyzing mobile applications.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Travel Apps in 2021:

1. Google Maps (106 million)

2.Uber (94 million downloads)

3. Booking.com (63 million downloads)

4. Google Earth (57 million downloads)

5. Airbnb (44 million downloads)

6.DiDi (27 million downloads)

7. Bolt (25 million downloads)

8. Lyft (23.3 million downloads)

9.Where is my Train (23.1 million downloads)

10. Grab (23 million downloads)

Also compiled a rating of applications of online travel agencies (OTA). Booking.com, Airbnb and Hopper are among the top three in demand.

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