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The deepest pool in the world has just opened in Poland

Poland now has the deepest pool in the world with hotel rooms, underwater tunnels and caves. This record-breaking pool is also an ideal place for both professional and novice scuba divers to train. The deepest point of the pool, known as the Deep Point, is 45 meters deep and can hold 27 times more water than the average pool! It also functions as an ideal training center for divers.

Divers have something to explore here, including ledges, shipwrecks, Mayan ruins and underwater caves. There are also many opportunities for those who do not dive, they can watch the underwater world from an underwater tunnel, as the Deepspot Hotel has hotel rooms with stunning views of the interior of the pool.

Polish diving instructor Przemyslaw Katzszak said: “There are no great fish or coral reefs here, so the sea will not replace it, but it is definitely a good place to study and train to dive safely in open water. It’s fun here, it’s a kindergarten for divers! ”

About the deepest pool in the world

A multi-million pool has opened in Poland in Mszczonow, a beautiful city in Warsaw, Poland. It was built using approximately 1,100 tons of steel and is now open to the public. Thus, Deepspot overthrew the Italian Y-40 Deep Joy, the former deepest pool in the world.

Deepspot is mostly designed to practice divers of all levels and cost about $ 10.6 million! It took more than two years to implement this project.

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