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Thailand declares “war” on poor winterers

On Monday, October 17, the Thai authorities published new requirements for obtaining long-term visas, designed to weed out poor winterers.

Thailand has actually declared war on winterers who come to the country for up to six months with one backpack and try to spend as little as possible. Tourists from the low segment choose to stay in hostels or tents, hitchhike around Thailand, and eat the simplest cheap food. Comfort for such is not the main thing. They are even ready to endure the downpours and floods common for October-November. While travelers who paid about $ 5,000 for a vacation are not ready to sit in hotels without electricity and walk the streets waist-deep in water.

Now, in order to obtain a long-term visa to Thailand, the applicant must provide a bank statement on a monthly account balance of up to $7,000. The tourist will also be required to provide a certificate from the place of work or study on the terms of the vacation provided.

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