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Temperature swings begin in Egypt: Hurghada will be covered by the breath of the Sahara

Temperature swings associated with the “breath of the Sahara”, promised Egypt in the local meteorological office. From Wednesday to the end of the week, the temperature will jump sharply by 3-5 degrees Celsius, and then return to the average statistical norm. This effect will be especially pronounced in Hurghada, but tourists are not promised extreme heat.

As reported by the Meteorological Department of Egypt, the increase in temperature is connected “with the impact on the country of air masses coming from the western desert of the country”, that is, with the wind from the Sahara. Tourists are also promised an active sun, which will be replaced by cloudy weather.

So, by the end of the week, the temperature in Hurghada will rise from +23°C to +27°C during the day, and +17-20°C will be quite comfortable at night. At the same time, cloudy weather is promised at the resort on Thursday and Saturday. And by the beginning of next week, the same “range of changes” is expected – from +24 to +27°C. The water in the Red Sea will warm up to +23°C.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, from +23 ° C, the temperature will reach +26 ° C by Friday, but by Sunday it will drop to +22 ° C, demonstrating the same temperature swing as in Hurghada. Tourists are promised several days of cloudy weather.

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