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Summer has come in Antalya, Turkey: tourists have crowded the beaches

The January temperature in the central resort province of Antalya this year continues to surprise tourists and locals. In the southern region of Turkey, sunny days have set in, favorable for relaxing on the beach.

Although the thermometer is dropping in most of the republic and it is snowing in many areas, it is warm and sunny in Antalya and its surroundings. There is an intensive crowding of tourists on the beaches of Alanya. In the city during the day, the air warms up to +18°C. In combination with the warm sun and clear skies, vacationers do not leave the feeling of summer on Cleopatra Beach. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +17.8 ° C, some enter the water to swim. Locals do not bathe at this time, which cannot be said about the category of foreign tourists who are used to Christmas frosts.

Ozkan Şimşek, who manages Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, said the following: “On January 19, 2023, our temperature was +17°C. We see snow on the hills, but local and foreign citizens enjoy the sunny weather and the sea. As long as the weather is sunny, foreigners constantly flock to the sea. Some go out to sea, although the sea is rough today. The sun must shine. In this case, immediately after sunrise, everyone flocks here (to the beach). As you can see, residents are enjoying the sunny weather with their families.”

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