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Spain shocked tourists with a new rule that was abandoned in all countries

Tourists are shocked: the Spanish authorities have decided not to cancel the extremely annoying mask regime, which has been abandoned in almost all countries. Moreover, the requirement to wear masks in public transport will remain until March 2023. Officials attribute this to the cold season, during which outbreaks of the epidemic are likely.

“It is better to see how the coronavirus disease develops before making a decision to relax this requirement,” Spanish officials say. While almost all countries, even Southeast Asia strictly followed the bans, the same Thailand, for the most part removed the mask regime completely, the Spanish authorities are going against the general trend.

As a result, all tourists must wear a mask in all forms of transport, including buses, trains, subways and even taxis, as well as planes. Moreover, Spanish officials have said that Spain is “following the same approach as Germany,” meaning that Spain could introduce a requirement for face masks in closed public spaces at any moment.

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