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Some tourists who test positive for PCR can avoid quarantine in Thailand

At a briefing by the Thai CCSA – COVID-19 Situation Management Center, held on January 25, some details were clarified about the rules for entering the kingdom of foreign tourists who have recovered from the coronavirus.

As follows from the speech of the representative of the organization, after the resumption of the Sandbox and Test & Go programs from February 1, this category of travelers will have minimal risks of being quarantined if COVID is detected on vacation. If a tourist has had an illness no earlier than 90 and no later than 14 days before arrival in Thailand and has an appropriate medical certificate, he will not be sent for a 10-day observation even if the PCR test result is positive before departure. The main thing is that such a passenger is allowed on board by the airline – for some carriers, the presentation of a negative test for covid before boarding the aircraft is a prerequisite.

A tourist who has been ill with a coronavirus can also be “forgiven” for a positive PCR test made on the first day upon arrival in the kingdom. The decision in such cases will be made by the doctor. He will conduct a medical examination and determine whether the traveler’s health condition allows him not to be sent for treatment to a hospital or for observation in a quarantine hotel. Tourists vaccinated but not ill with covid have no chance of avoiding a 10-day isolation with a positive test – in mild and asymptomatic cases, quarantine at the hotel will have to be paid out of pocket, insurance for those traveling abroad does not cover such expenses.

Recall that, according to the updated rules for entering Thailand, effective from February 1, tourists who have had COVID-19 must receive at least one vaccination with a booster dose of the vaccine approved in the kingdom. This requirement does not apply to under 18s traveling with a parent or guardian.

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