Shanghai plans to double tourism revenues through investment

The eastern Chinese city of Shanghai has launched a program aimed at doubling tourism revenues over the next five years, local authorities said.

Shanghai received 236 million domestic visitors in 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19, and domestic tourism revenue amounted to 280.95 billion yuan (about $ 42.8 billion), said on Thursday Fan Shizhong, director of the municipality’s culture and tourism administration.

Speaking at Tourism Plus Shanghai 2021, the city’s first comprehensive tourism exhibition, Fang noted that the municipality will promote cultural tourism, explore new channels of tourism consumption and modernize the digitalization of the tourism industry to hold more events online.

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Fang said that in 2021, Shanghai plans to build 20 smart scenic areas and 600 smart hotels equipped with smart devices.

According to him, the city will also develop several leading global tourism brands and flagship tourism events, as well as more professionals in the industry.

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