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Psychiatrists explain why passengers are more likely to cry on planes

Flying has many interesting effects on people’s bodies, including making people more emotional. The psychiatrist explained why people cry in flight, from a scientific point of view, reports TheSun.co.uk.

Often, passengers are surprised to say that they are more likely to cry while watching a movie during a flight, and do not know why. As Dr. Randy McIntosh, a Florida psychiatrist explained, flying can be emotional because travel in general is stressful and sometimes unpleasant. Passengers do not realize how stressful travel has affected them.

“By the time you sit down, you’ve probably been stressed all day. Emotions release themselves in the air like they’re not on the ground,” he says.

In addition, flight altitude can cause passengers to experience mild hypoxia – low levels of oxygen in the body. This in turn can create an altered emotional state that can either lead to euphoria or more distress than usual.

A US National Library of Medicine study titled “Effects of Altitude on Cognition and Mood States” states that “the initial mood experienced at altitude is euphoria followed by depression.”

Thus, the combination of stress and the effects of altitude on the body creates an emotional state that makes passengers more likely to cry.

And Dr. Jody De Luk thinks it could also be due to a seeming lack of control. According to the expert, flight is not just a psychological or emotional event, but also a physical and physiological event. This is a state of emotional vulnerability.

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