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Named a way to avoid panic attacks on the plane

Tourists were advised to give up alcohol before flying on an airplane, small doses of which can provoke panic attacks. The way to avoid health problems was named by the chief physician of the medical and sanitary part of the international airport.

According to the doctor, drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which is already aggravated by the very fact of flying in an airplane. An additional negative factor causes discomfort or deterioration of well-being, and in a stressful situation, panic attacks or inappropriate behavior may occur.

The doctor noted that it is also recommended to give up coffee and drink plenty of water before the flight. In addition, he advised wearing compression stockings to compensate or prevent varicose veins in the legs.

“Some special preparation for the flight is not required, but nevertheless we recommend getting enough sleep, excluding alcohol and a large amount of coffee on the eve of the flight, excluding or reducing foods that can cause increased gas formation,” the doctor summed up.

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