Meteor shower “Lyrid” this month will bring dazzling shooting stars

Although this year all eyes were on Mars, it’s time to look in another direction – the constellation Lear, to be exact. This month, the sky will be lit by meteor showers Lyrid, which will last from about 16 to 25 April. Don’t miss your chance to see shooting stars this month, as the next big meteor shower in the Northern Hemisphere won’t happen before this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about Lyrida.

What is Lyrid meteor shower?

The Lyrid meteor shower is one of the oldest observations in history. In 687 BC. Chinese astronomers have noted: “In the middle of the night the stars fell like rain.”

Although Lyrids are medium-scale meteor showers in terms of the number of meteors, they are known to produce quite a few fireballs, which are shooting stars that flash brightly and leave a long band across the sky.

When will the meteor shower Lyrid?

There is a chance that you will be able to see the meteor at any time between April 16 and 25, but the full downpour peaks on the night of April 21 to the early morning hours of April 22. The best chance to see shooting stars will be between sunset and dawn, when the sky is darkest and the radiant point of meteors (the point from which they appear) is at its highest.

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How can I see the Lyrid meteor shower?

Shooting stars will come from the area around the constellation Lyra, after which Lyrida is named, but they can be seen across the sky. This year, astronomers expect 15 to 25 meteors per hour – and all you need to do is move away from bright light, allow your eyes to get used to the darkness, and look up to spot them.

When is the next meteor shower?

Next on the calendar is the Eta Aquarium meteor shower in May, which will be more noticeable in the Southern Hemisphere than in the North. The next big show in the Northern Hemisphere will take place only before the Perseid meteor shower in July and August.

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