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Mass migration from Germany has begun: the main countries to which Germans are fleeing are named

Mass bookings of “warm and cheap” countries for the winter began in Germany. The tours are mainly booked by German pensioners, whose main goal is to save on heating their own houses and apartments in the conditions of wildly rising prices for gas and other energy sources.

Mostly German tourists plan to warm up in winter and save money in countries such as Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and the Canary Islands. Some can also afford Thailand, Cape Verde and the countries of the Caribbean, although due to the high cost of gas, tickets there are now not affordable for all Europeans.

“Our pensioners go to warm countries in the winter, because it will cost them less than heating their homes or, even more so, getting sick at home. The reason is the high prices for natural gas,” a representative of the pensioners’ association explained to the German media. He noted that it is about cheap long-term tours.

As one of the pensioners who bought such a tour explained, their gas bills, which usually amount to 200 euros, will increase to 600 euros this year, which they simply cannot afford. They estimate that by going to Tunisia all-inclusive, they can save around €300 a month.

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