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In spite of the European trend: Germany is removing covid restrictions for tourists

Contrary to the European trend and the calls of European commissioners to prepare for the autumn outbreaks of covid and return to restrictions, Germany announced its intention, obeying common sense, to simplify the “anti-covid” rules once again. It is about the “mask regime”, which still applies on flights to and from Germany for all tourists.

For now, the use of FFP2 masks is still mandatory on flights to/from Germany. However, this rule should be revised soon – “if the pandemic allows”. This was announced by the Federal Minister of Health of Germany, Karl Lauterbach. The use of masks in the future “will be recommended in flights,” he added. “It’s not an obligation for us, it’s a matter of common sense.” According to him, the mask regime will be canceled on September 23.

By the way, tour operators and airlines operating in the German tourist market previously made such a request. They demanded the cancellation of mandatory masks on flights. The use of masks should be left to the discretion of the passenger – they added.

At the same time, we will remind you that the other day the EU Commission strongly urged all member states to create the necessary structures and strategies to avoid new outbreaks of the coronavirus in the upcoming autumn and winter season and to respond quickly and sustainably to the future increase in the incidence of the disease. Based on the department’s statement, in the context of travel from non-EU countries, European commissioners want to propose a revision of the relevant Council Recommendation, which usually means tightening the screws for incoming tourists.

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