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In Phuket, sea excursions have been canceled: the period of a terrible tropical cyclone has been announced

A powerful tropical cyclone is moving to the Thai island of Phuket, where many tourists are resting. Due to the future deterioration of weather conditions, organized and independent sea excursions have been canceled. This was reported by the Phuket News portal concerning the Kingdom’s Meteorological Department.

According to the order of May 8, small vessels, which are usually used for sea excursions, are strictly prohibited from going to sea from Thursday to Sunday, that is, from May 11 to 14. The head of the marine department ordered the locals to check their sea boats and boats, the length of which does not exceed 13 meters, for readiness to survive terrible weather conditions: it is necessary to assess the strength of the hull, the condition of the engine, and also to provide the vessel with the necessary tools and rescue equipment. “Life-saving equipment, life jackets, fire-fighting equipment, and communication devices must be available, and boat captains must assess the weather and risks during their sea route, monitor news and warnings from the Meteorological Department and government agencies, and strictly follow the instructions of the supervisory authority and officials security personnel,” the official clarified.

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning about a low-pressure area covering the lower part of the Bay of Bengal, which is likely to intensify and develop into a tropical cyclone, the department explained. — It is expected to pass through the central Bay of Bengal and the upper part of the Andaman Sea. After that, it will move closer to the coast of Myanmar. The southwest monsoon, which carries moisture from the Andaman Sea to Thailand, is intensifying. Such characteristics will lead to prolonged downpours in the country between May 11 and 14.”

Authorities also warned of increased wind and waves in the Andaman Sea. According to their assessment, the height of sea waves will reach 2-4 meters and more than 4 meters in thunderstorm areas. “Small vessels should refrain from going to sea on the specified days. We ask the public to carefully follow the announcements of the Meteorological Department and observe safety measures during navigation, he said. “The Phuket Port Regional Authority emphasizes that vessel captains should exercise critical caution when going out to sea and avoid sailing far from shore and in areas subject to thunderstorms.”

Note that tropical cyclones often have powerful destructive power. They cause very strong winds, downpours, high waves, and in some cases storm surges and flooding in coastal areas. Tourists should heed the advice of the authorities and avoid walking on the coast on the specified days.

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