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In Egypt, it was announced that the period of low prices for hotels in Hurghada has begun

Egyptian mass media announced the period of low prices in Hurghada hotels. According to their data, hotels, and resorts in the country of the pyramids began to resort to discounts of at least 20% to attract tourists at the end of winter – this period is considered one of the lowest in Egypt’s tourism.

As Osama Munir, member, and chairman of the Red Sea Transport Committee for Tourism and Travel Companies, stated in an interview with Al Watan, at the moment, hotels and tourist centers in Hurghada are seeing a decrease in room rates, and discounts reach 20% compared to the rest of the period.

As hotel representatives add, at the moment, Hurghada has the lowest prices for the nearest period. Medhat Saleh, an employee of one of Hurghada’s tourist hotels, said that tourists could spend 3 days and two nights for an amount not exceeding 1000 Egyptian pounds – that is, 1.2 thousand hryvnias in our money. At the same time, all food and drinks are included in the accommodation price.

Egyptian experts “discovered” the cheapest hotels. However, they are instead designed for the local tourist – since they are “two-star” hotels on the Sheraton tourist street in Hurghada. This was stated by Bashar Abu Talib, head of the Syndicate of Tourist Guides on the Red Sea.

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