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Important information for travel and business trips to Italy

У ресторані, музеї або на конференції - обов'язково з «зеленим сертифікатом».

The Ministry of Health has published important information for tourists planning a trip to Italy. To visit restaurants and entertainment venues, cultural and sports facilities and events, citizens must have the so-called. “Green certificate”. There should be one of three options:

1️. completed vaccination cycle (valid for 12 months) or for the first dose of vaccine (this document is valid until the date set for the second dose);

2️. in case of COVID-19 disease (validity of the certificate is 6 months);

3️. with a negative PCR test or rapid test for antigen (the document is valid for 48 hours).

These requirements also apply to participants of conferences and congresses, when visiting festivals, entertainment centers, gaming halls.

People in Italy are allowed to work with a “green certificate”. The restriction applies to both those working in the public administration and those employed in the private sector.

As a condition for working in the profession, the certificate is mandatory for all teachers, as well as for administrative and technical staff of schools and universities. The certificate is required to gain access to educational institutions from both students and visitors.

Tougher measures sparked a series of protests in Italy.

It became the first country in Europe to introduce a mandatory COVID certificate for public and private businesses. The decision affects 23 million workers.

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