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IATA counted the number of brawlers and rapists on flights and was horrified by their numbers

The number of brawlers on flights increased by almost half last year. Such data are contained in a report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which, in particular, counted the number of brawlers and rapists on flights around the world – and found that in 2022 their number increased by 47% compared to 2021.

For example, the report indicated that in 2022, one in every 568 flights was reported to have had a scandal on board that led to the police being called to the airport and an emergency landing. Moreover, in 2021, accidents occurred in only one case out of 835 flights. That is, the number of passengers causing problems on flights in 2022 is 47 percent higher than in the previous year.

“The increase in the number of brawlers is alarming. Both passengers and crew members have the right to a safe and accident-free flight on flights,” said IATA Deputy Director General Conrad Clifford.

The association also reported that, according to more than 300 airlines, the most common cases of brawls on board are non-compliance with instructions, verbal abuse, and alcohol abuse on board. Physical violence against flight staff was fortunately quite rare – but it too shows a serious increase – at 61%, fights between brawlers and staff occur on one in 17,200 flights. Also among the incidents are smoking e-cigarettes in the cabin or toilets, not wearing seat belts during a warning, and not placing luggage as specified in the instructions.

As a result, the association called on governments to ratify the 2014 Montreal Protocol (MP14) to reduce violence and disruption on flights and give staff more powers to deal with rowdies. In addition, the proposals include increased liability for incidents on board and “zero tolerance” for such incidents.

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