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I would be in the sky: “crazy granny” became a flight attendant at 59

Jackie Cookson has landed a job with Qantas and will soon be on her first flight to Los Angeles, according to the New York Post.

Before becoming a flight attendant, the woman worked as a travel agent, an administrator in the oncology department, and a newspaper seller. According to her, she dreamed of a career as a flight attendant for the past 40 years. Today, after an interview and a long preparation, my grandmother became a flight attendant for the Australian airlines Qantas.

Cookson, who calls herself a “crazy granny”, posted her thorny path to her cherished dream on her TikTok account. In her first video in January 2023 (before her first interview with Qantas), Cookson said that people may call her crazy, but she is ready to follow her dream.

The grandmother of two grandchildren admitted that at the age of 20, she had an interview scheduled for another airline, but she got married and never got it. Cookson is originally from England but has lived in Australia for about 30 years. She noted that the older she got, the more she thought that she had missed her chance.

“I thought marriage was a barrier to being a flight attendant. How fucking stupid that was,” she said.

As a result, she received the coveted position and moved from Perth to Sydney for training.

“Crazy Granny will be a flight attendant, watch out!” she announced to her followers.

Four months after posting, she proudly posted a photo of herself wearing a Qantas uniform with her certificate in hand.

“If I could do it, then anyone else can too. Follow your dream. Don’t give up. Look at me, I have wings,” Cookson signed her photo.

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