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Hurghada was flooded: all excursions were canceled, water was pumped out in hotels

Abnormal weather fell on the Egyptian resort of Hurghada – a popular recreation area actually flooded due to extreme rains. The authorities of the tourist province of the Red Sea, the capital of which is Hurghada, have canceled all excursions, on the roads and in hotels – an emergency has been introduced. This was reported by Turprom, which was informed by sources in Hurghada.

In the coastal resort town in the early hours of the day there were downpours that caused floods throughout Hurghada. Other Red Sea cities, such as Safaga and Marsa Alam, were also engulfed by a wall of thunderstorms, cutting off roads from the city of Kena in Upper Egypt. Until the weather conditions improve, all roads will be closed not only in Ken, but also in Luxor – both are popular and popular tourist destinations. Meanwhile, the water formed on the roads and streets of the resort is being pumped out by emergency services. There is almost no storm sewer in the tourist city, so in a short time the resort almost went under water: the streets turned into water canals, with a lot of dirt in places, the flows of which demolish everything in its path.

Another danger is bare wiring on the city streets. Locals use it everywhere, for example, in shops and stalls. Combined with water, which is a conductor, literally every step through the streets is in mortal danger. As a result, locals are hit by electric shocks. Authorities went to great lengths to pump water out of the streets of Hurghada to avoid casualties. A hotline has been opened for the victims.

In addition, the infrastructure was damaged: electricity was cut off, tourists were faced with prolonged Internet outages. As the vast majority of hotels are not designed for heavy rain, water has leaked from the roofs of many lobbies – staff are hastily pumping water directly from hotels. Tourists are asked not to leave their rooms.

However, according to the Meteorological Administration of Egypt, the weather forecast for the week is favorable for holidays in Hurghada: during the day the temperature will warm up to + 26-27 ° C, at night – to + 21-22 ° C, and the water temperature in the Red Sea will remain at charming for tourists interval – about + 26-27 ° C. At the same time, all week, starting from Monday, weather forecasters predict ideal sunny weather for rest without any clouds.

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