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Horror in Antalya: in a 5-star hotel, a guard staged a shooting with a pistol

Tourists had to experience a terrible situation in a five-star hotel in the resort of Belek, in the Serik district. According to the Sabah newspaper, the guard shot his former boss right in the hotel.

The scandal happened around one o’clock in the afternoon at the entrance to the hotel in the resort of Belek. As it turned out, a dispute first broke out between the guard and the former head of the hotel’s security, who has fired two months ago and had already found a place in the security of another hotel. What was the reason for the dispute is still unclear.

However, the situation has heated up. As a result, Mesut Bilen, a dismissed employee, took out his service weapon and fired two shots, wounding the guard, Murat Uymaz, in the head and hand. Terrified by the shooting, tourists and hotel employees called the police and an ambulance.

The injured guard was taken to the hospital. The fate of the attacker is not specified.

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