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Family tours of marital fidelity launched in Iran for guests of the country

Iran was inspired by Indonesia, where both locals and tourists were sentenced for sex without marriage. The Islamic Republic plans to offer tours for marital chastity, following the example of Indonesia. For tourists, Iran is in the shadow of Turkey and the UAE. This is due to the fact that foreigners are not required to follow Sharia rules. Although both the emirates and the Turkish territories have Islamic constitutions, they are not required to maintain a certain level of chastity. In Indonesia, it is a matter of the rules of faith.

The Iranian government is now looking for ways to attract more tourists. They have something to offer. The current rules are unlikely to allow tourists to rest. Sharia forbids alcohol and revealing clothing, as well as intimacy with persons with whom one is not married.

The Iranians considered it necessary to make the family stronger so that it would become the last resort. Only those who really value their family and do not pursue obscene entertainment will be allowed to choose the direction. The new family direction will promote sobriety and decency.

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