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Experts told what tourists should not do in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not the most popular travel destination for tourists. However, if you ever find yourself there, it is necessary to know the laws of the country to avoid fines or even arrest. What tourists can not do in Saudi Arabia, we tell in the material “DIP“.

Drink alcohol

Buying alcoholic drinks in a store or ordering an alcoholic cocktail in a restaurant will not work. Drinking is illegal in Saudi Arabia, even if you are a tourist. The locals have a strict punishment with rods for alcohol.

Smoking in public places

This is a more understandable rule for Ukrainian citizens. The country is quite tolerant of smokers, but a ban on smoking in public places has recently been introduced. Also in Saudi Arabia, hookahs are prohibited.

Show feelings in public

You can’t hug, kiss, or hold hands, even if you are husband and wife. Such behavior in public places is threatened with huge fines.

Wear shorts and show off your cleavage

In recent years, the rules regarding the appearance of tourists have been significantly relaxed. However, you still need to watch what you go out in. Foreign women are not allowed to wear clothes with a neckline, very tight and translucent. Hands above the elbows and legs above the knees must be covered. You can wear pants, but it’s better to have a tunic or dress on top. Men are not allowed to wear shorts, T-shirts, and tight jeans.

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