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Egypt to launch mobile app to help save tourists money

On October 6, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled El-Enani, held a meeting to discuss the latest updates to the mobile application that the ministry intends to launch soon to promote Egyptian travel destinations locally and internationally.

During the meeting, the projects of the first phase of the application were considered. The purpose of the app is to introduce Egyptian and foreign tourists to the various activities, products and attractions, as well as the cultural, artistic, environmental and maritime activities of countless Egyptian travel destinations.

This service will make it much easier for anyone looking for an Egyptian vacation to find the right destination that suits their needs, as it brings together all the unique travel destinations in Egypt in one place, saving the time and effort required to manually find the right destination.

The app will also provide electronic ticket reservations for selected museums and archaeological sites as a first step in preparing to include the rest of the sites.

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