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Cheapest European cities for weekend trips identified

The British company Post Office has compiled a rating of the cheapest European destinations for the weekend. After analyzing 25 popular tourist destinations, it turned out that the cheapest way to spend a weekend is in the capital of Portugal.

When compiling the rating, entertainment options (excursions and museums) were taken into account, as well as the cost of accommodation (2 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast), meals (drinks and dinner for two with a bottle of house wine) and public transport tickets for two. Airfare to and from the destination was not taken into account.

So, on average, a weekend in Lisbon will cost 257 euros for a couple of tourists. In Vilnius – 258 euros, in Kraków – 287 euros.

The top 10 included:

1. Lisbon, Portugal (€257)
2. Vilnius, Lithuania (258 euros)
3. Kraków, Poland (287 euros)
4. Athens, Greece (301 euros)
5. Riga, Latvia (323 euros)
6. Porto, Portugal (€374)
7. Zagreb, Croatia (€379)
8. Budapest, Hungary (€380)
9. Warsaw, Poland (€381)
10. Lille, France (€382)

At the same time, experts note that among European tourist destinations, the most expensive accommodation will be in Amsterdam, Venice, Dublin, Florence, and Belfast.

Prepare for the biggest food expenses in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Vienna, Geneva, and Nice.

The most expensive entertainment (museums and excursions): Dubrovnik, Vienna, Amsterdam, Florence, Barcelona

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