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Cheap tickets and free upgrade: an experienced traveler dispels popular myths about flying

There is a large amount of advice on the Internet that can not only be useless but also ruin a long-awaited vacation. Experienced traveler Gilbert Ott dispelled the most important myths about travel. The Daily Mail tells us more.

Don’t check-in for your flight in advance

According to Gilbert, many travelers don’t check in for flights in hopes of getting a class upgrade at the airport counter. However, you should not rely on this method, because there is a possibility that you will get the worst seat on the plane.

Buy anti-jet lag pills to get back on track

Don’t resort to pills if you have jet lag, says Gilbert. Melatonin will not help fight jet lag.

“During and after traveling, it is important to follow a diet, drink more water, and try to plan routes so that there is time for rest. It’s normal to get tired. Moreover, you should give up alcohol if the time difference is very large,” he shares.

Don’t visit tourist places

There is an opinion that tourist routes are bad due to crowds and high prices. But, according to Herbert, you shouldn’t give up exploring and visiting attractions while traveling.

“The cultural experience is priceless, even if you walk tens of thousands of steps, you will remember those days with joy. Don’t shy away from seeing and exploring tourist sites,” he says.

The hotel price is the same on all sites

The man notes that before booking a hotel, it is worth comparing prices on at least three sites. The fact is that they can differ significantly. Moreover, sites have internal discounts or better rates that can help you save some money.

Avoid visiting second and third-world countries

There is an opinion that second or third-world countries are not worth visiting and can be life-threatening for tourists.

“Giving up on these culturally enriched countries is the stupidest mistake you can make. Care is needed even in the safest country,” he says.

It is more profitable to buy tickets on certain days

According to Gilbert, this is the biggest myth and has nothing to do with saving.

“During Black Friday or Cyber Monday, people get crazy thinking that there’s a profit to be had from everything. But it’s cheaper to buy tickets after the seasonal discounts, not during the season. Wait it out and you’ll save about 43 percent on the price,” he says.

Bank cards are accepted everywhere

Take money in cash in the currency of the country where you are going. This is a method proven over the years that helps save nerves, time, and money.

“Every year, tourists are deceived by withdrawing a decent amount from their cards. Or, when you pay for something with a card, you pay a huge percentage of the commission,” he says.

You shouldn’t think that a bank card or dollars are accepted all over the world, he concluded.

At the airport, the rate is the same as in the city

The rate at airports is the most unfavorable, says the traveler. Moreover, the man recommends withdrawing the required amount once and exchanging it. This way, according to Gilbert, it will be more profitable.

Snow-white sand only in the Maldives

Do not be led by advertising, suggesting that only certain countries have certain natural beauties. Often, as the traveler says, destinations are overly advertised.

“Study countries, look and compare. Don’t be led by advertising, because the world is huge,” he shares.

Earning miles is too difficult

Miles is an airline loyalty program. That is, the more often you fly with one airline, the more miles you accumulate, which can be exchanged for tickets or used to pay for luggage. Don’t delay and find out about the benefits for participants in such programs.

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