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Bali authorities shocked: tourist lowered his pants on the top of the sacred mountain

The tourist violated the rules of staying on the resort island of Bali – climbing to the very top of the sacred Mount Agung, he lowered his pants, captured this moment on video, and published it on the net. The violator faces deportation.

According to BaliDiscovery, the man dropped his trousers and raised his hands in a victory salute to mark his successful climb of the mountain in such a strange way. His nude “triumph” was posted on social media.

High Hindu Council (PHDI) Chairman Nyoman Kenak, who described the incident as a shocking insult to Bali and disrespect for the sacred nature of Mount Agung, said that foreigners or anyone who does not want to respect Balinese culture should be punished. “If these people are foreigners, deport them!” he urged and added that, unfortunately, any punishment against foreign offenders would not be commensurate with the damage and suffering they caused to the island and its inhabitants.

According to him, people living on the slopes of Mount Agung, after regular desecrations, perform complex and costly religious ceremonies to cleanse the sacred place and restore the balance between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

A PHDI spokesperson urged people living around Mount Agung to increase their vigilance to control the behavior of both local and foreign visitors.

The peak of Mount Agung is an active volcano and the highest point in Bali, its height is 3031 meters above sea level. The Mount Agung stratovolcano is considered sacred to the devout Balinese, who view the mountain’s summit as the central axis or “umbilical cord of the universe”.

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