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Air Canada to switch to electric hybrid aircraft

Montreal-based airline Air Canada has signed an agreement to buy 30 electric hybrid aircraft being developed by Sweden’s Heart Aerospace.

It is expected that the new aircraft with electric motors will enter service with the Canadian carrier no earlier than 2028. Under the agreement, Air Canada also acquired a US$5 million stake in Heart Aerospace.

The liner, called the ES-30 and designed for 30 passengers, will allow Air Canada to serve regional and suburban routes without compromising the environment. Power for four engines will be provided by powerful lithium-ion batteries, and in addition, the aircraft will be equipped with backup hybrid generators that will use environmentally friendly aviation fuel.

When fully loaded, the ES-30 is estimated to be able to cover a distance of 200 kilometers with zero emissions. The range can be extended up to 400 km when generators are connected and up to 800 km if the load is limited to 25 passengers.

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