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A heartbroken passenger smoked in the toilet and got into a fight with a flight attendant

The passenger of the plane drank beer before the flight, smoked in the toilet of the plane, and got into a fight on board – the man received a suspended sentence for inadequate antics. Mirror writes about it.

Patrick McDonagh, 46, boarded a Ryanair flight to Bristol immediately after his grandmother’s funeral in Dublin. The heartbroken man arrived at the airport in a state of intoxication, as he drank about seven liters of beer. In flight, the passenger decided to secretly smoke, but the flight attendant felt cigarette smoke in the restroom and found a discarded cigarette butt, which she warned the aircraft commander about.

After landing, McDonagh wanted to quickly leave the board and quarreled with a passenger sitting next to him. When other fellow travelers and crew members joined the dispute, the man started a fight: he hit one neighbor and butted the head of the stewardess. After the tourist was detained by the police.

In his defense, the violator said that he did not remember anything that happened after the funeral of his grandmother, as he was too upset, in addition, the man said that he had drunk for the first time in 12 years.

McDonagh was given a six-month suspended sentence, the man also received 120 hours of community service and an obligation to pay each victim of the attack £150 in compensation and £350 to cover legal costs.

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