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A giant cruise monster for 7,500 tourists is presented to the world: sea cruises reach a new level

From the beginning of 2024, tourists will be able to visit a real “floating city” for 7,500 tourists. Cruise operator Royal Caribbean presented a preview of the latest cruise monster Seas Icon. It should become the largest cruise liner in the world – a real monster with an area of about 1,200 square meters, 20 decks, and more than 365 meters in length.

Construction of the liner began in June 2022, and bookings for the first cruise opened in October 2022. It should take place in exactly one year – in January 2024 from Miami to the Caribbean. The launch of the ship is planned for the end of autumn 2023 and it will become the largest cruise ship in the world, a real monster or a floating city.

Eight “districts” have been announced for tourists on board the “floating city”, in each of which “unique experiences, live entertainment, and a wide selection of delicious food and drinks” await them. On board, the liner announced its huge water park – also the largest for seagoing vessels – plus seven swimming pools, an indoor waterfall, a climbing wall, a beach club with a hanging pool on the upper deck, and other exquisite places.

REFERENCE: How did cruise liners increase in size? In the 1990s, an average cruise ship of 75,000 gross tons would be considered larger. Currently, the largest liners are the Oasis-class ships, also built by Royal Caribbean, which have a displacement of about 235,000 gross tons. The title of “largest ship” is still held by Wonder of the Seas, built-in 2022. However, Icon of the Seas is aiming to break that record with her displacement of nearly 251,000 gross tons. It will be more than 365 meters long and will be able to carry more than 7,500 passengers in more than 2,800 cabins when fully loaded.

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